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Megaplex & Update/Fur Supply

So Megaplex is less than two weeks, who all will I see there? :)

Starting to get excited for the con, and I'll be helping out on a couple panels as well. Unfortunately I won't be able to be there the entire weekend, just Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday most likely, since suit work takes precedence and there are still several to wrap up this month.

As most makers have likewise been experiencing problems with manufacturer delay with fur, so have we to a degree. We were waiting for several bolts to come in after AC, and are still waiting on a couple more shipments although we now finally have most everything back in stock. :) There was a supply issue following the Japan earthquake, Monterey Mills was not receiving the fiber used to make the fur during that time, so certain colors became unavailable. We keep a pretty large stock of fur on hand (an entire room of it, pretty much wall to wall fur on rolls and shelved.) But the main colors we use the most are white/black, these get used somewhere on almost every suit, and they were unavailable for a few months from the manufacturer along with several other commonly used colors. We apologize if there are any delays created from this, but it was a situation pretty much out of anyone's control caused by the disasters in Japan.

I'll also be posting one of our personal suits up for auction soon, just need to put the listing together, and that will most likely be up by tonight. Link and info will be posted here. :)
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