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FWA right around the corner

With FWA about a week away for us, thought I'd post a little update with what is going on. :)

We'll be at FWA Thurs-Sun, and we will have a table in the dealer's room this year, so feel free to drop by and say hi. We'll have some fursuit parts for sale, T-shirts, Hoodies, and possibly a couple other things as well.

We'll be taking part in quite a few panels this year, including:

- Meet the GOH
- Fursuit Body Construction
- Fursuit Head Construction
- Fursuit Meet and Greet

So if we aren't doing a panel, we'll be at our table or running around in suit for the most part.

Several new suits will be debuting at the con, probably won't be posting up any images here until after the con, so if you're there you will see. :D And if you aren't there, you'll still see, just a little bit later. :)

Looking forward to the fun times ahead!

- Lacy & Nick
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