Lacy (lacy) wrote,

Almost all caught up - Hodari Lion & HowlieTigerpaw

Really close to actually catching LJ up on all the suits we've made/didn't post yet over here. Still a few more to go after this. I post them more punctually from the time they're actually completed on FA, since it's a bit quicker to handle the submission process and all that, but realize sometimes it's nice to read LJ instead.

So, one is a Lion suit for Hodari. Mane took some extra time, but all in all very pleased with how he turned out. :) And the second head is a version 2/remake for a customer that had his original head stolen/lost, but still had his bodysuit and other parts we had built for him. Same design, just in our more updated style/look from the original.

It's Sunday, but doesn't mean a rest day for us, as I'll be working on a head base and Nick should be finishing up some padding on another suit as well. Working on quite a few new things that will be done in time for FWA.
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