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New Suits and general update

Few new suits we recently finished up, Deoloup, Purple Vixen, and Arina Canine. Some different features on each, Deoloup sports ab/pec muscle padding as well as digitigrade legs. The Purple Vixen includes chest padding for a more feminine appearance. And lastly, Arina has digitigrade leg padding. Lots of interesting colors being worked with as of late. I think Deoloup and the Purple Vixen are an interesting contrast, since although they are similar shades of color (altogether about 5 different types of Purple/Lavender fur used between the two suits), the characters themselves are quite different. :)

The Galleries:
Purple Vixen:

We're working on quite a few new suits at the moment. Basically finished up a little White Fox today for Kiwaku which we'll be taking pics of tomorrow or Tuesday, and nearly done with an Otter and Puffin as well as a secret suit. Going to have lots of new stuff to post up shortly. We've already started working on a few suits that will be finished up for FurFright and MFF completions as well, lots of head bases being started and sitting on the work table at the moment as we tackle a few at a time. There's basically something in every stage of progress in case we're feeling particularly inspired to work on something at a certain point in construction. :)
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Grrreat work on the suits! :)

Will you be attending Furfright this year?
Probably not this year, although I've definitely got my eye on it as a possible con for us next year. Looks like FC is for sure our next con. :)
Excellent work as always Lacy.

Heres my favorite shot!

Im sure ya can guess why!
Thank you, and I bet I can! ;)
Heheh, *blushes and huggles*
As always, awesome job, you two!!! :D I especially like the purple vixen. :)
Thank you! :)
I want to see more pics of you and Nick.
Arina sports an interesting color combination. Never quite have seen a brown canine sporting pink hair and a tail. Very nicely done.
Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely a bit of a different color combo. :) Although I have seen different bright colors for hair used on natural colored critters occasionally.
Going to either FurFright or MFF? Will be at both suiting!
I think FC is going to most likely be our next con, although I'm definitely considering FF for next year (we've never been!) :)

Deleted comment

Thank ya. :) We're doing good! Hope you're also doing well?